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Lakeside Hideway

Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, lush landscaping and the soothing sounds of water combine to create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.


Invitation to Enter

The clean crisp lines of large-style pavers along with minimal plantings marry the modern and the natural in a pleasing manner.


Natural Elegance

Natural armour stone walls and stone steps gracefully lead one from the back porch area.


Esthetically Pleasing Privacy

Horizontal fencing in warm tones lend privacy and beauty to the pathway.


Natural Lookout

A natural stone wall and steps create a place to relax and enjoy the view and the rhythm of the surf.


Key Design Features

  • Fencing and carefully designed plantings provide maximum privacy from the beach access road.
  • Care was taken to maintain modern look while keeping a natural touch to allow the beautiful surroundings to shine.
  • Plantings and construction took into consideration the significant weather the area can endure.
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