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Custom Property Care

Keep it beautiful!

Whether you’re a residential client or the owner of a commercial condominium, you’ve invested a lot into creating a stunning landscape. DeKorte’s Maintenance Group will work with you to fully customize your property care package so your landscape looks great year after year.


Lawn care

Enjoy a lush, green lawn

To help keep your lawn healthy and looking its best, we offer full lawn care services, including:

  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming

  • Edging and debris removal

  • Fertilizing and weed treatments

  • Irrigation system maintenance

  • Overseeding

  • Topdressing 

  • Fall leaf cleanup

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Garden care

See your garden thrive

Gardens bring life and colour to your landscape — but they need a lot of TLC to keep them vibrant. We can help!

  • Spring garden clean-up (removal of debris; cultivate and mulch)

  • Regular weeding and cultivating 

  • Perennial care (dividing and deadheading)

  • Shrub and small tree pruning

  • Additional plantings (annuals, perennials and bulbs)

  • Soil enrichment

  • Tree inspection and care

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Winter services

Keep your property safe and clear

Enjoy peace of mind all winter long, even after the fiercest winter storm. DeKorte’s snow & ice management team will keep both residential and commercial properties safe and accessible.

  • Snowplowing and ice removal

  • Sanding and salting

  • Sidewalk clearing and deicing

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Ready to transform your outdoors?

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