Why Choose Us

Over the years, we’ve gained an invaluable body of landscaping knowledge – what works, in which environments, and what will truly last through the years.
  1. Committed to excellence

    With a long history of beautifying properties in the Niagara area, the many trusted relationships we’ve built have only been possible by consistently delivering excellence: building your vision of beautiful outdoor living to standards that will ensure that the beauty lasts.

  2. A team with the right skills

    We’re able to provide an inspiring setting for your home by having expertise at every stage. From highly experienced landscape designers to trained craftspeople and landscape crews, we ensure a top-level product with top-level people.

  3. Understanding your needs

    We want your space to make a big enhancement for your life from the start, but we want it to be able to grow with your needs as the years go by too. So understanding your objectives, lifestyle and style preferences is very important. We’ll take the time to consult with you so that all the best design decisions go into your project.

  4. Effective project management

    Delivering on your landscape, in all its detail, can take a lot of coordination. There are materials and equipment to have on hand, scheduling the right craftspeople and trades, keeping everything running smoothly and, of course, always keeping you abreast with our progress. You’ll find our landscape projects run on an efficient and punctual schedule.

  5. Conscientious care

    We understand that our construction area or worksite is your home, the place where work safety is often the farthest from your mind. But not ours. We take extra care knowing that we’re working around people that aren’t on the job, even children. Every DeKorte employee is trained to work safely – and conscientiously – and we maintain full liability and WSIB insurance.

Have a question about our company? We can help with that.